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  1. 5 years ago

    Hi, in PubCoder 3, where is the button/check box to include a page in the table of contents. The Chapters I have made appear in the TOC in PubReader but how do I get the actual pages to appear as well? In the old version of PubCoder that you show on your website there is a check box to tick this option, but I cant find it in PubCoder 3.
    Thank you.

  2. Angelo S

    2 May 2018 Administrator

    Hello Gia,
    you can find Table of Contents options in the Page Inspector in the right panel of the main project window, namely check/uncheck "Chapter Starts Here" and eventually specify a "Chapter Name"

  3. I was wanting page names within the chapter so I guess thats not possible. You are saying that every page of my book has to be a chapter! So its not really Chapter name, but page name?

  4. Angelo S

    4 May 2018 Administrator

    No, you should switch on "Chapter Starts Here" and define the chapter name only for the first page of each chapter. So only the chapters will appear in the index. At the moment, there is no support for subsections inside the chapters.


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