OpenURL not working in iOS app

  1. 5 years ago

    I have published an iOS app from Pubcoder.
    I have put a button that has the 'OpenURL' on it.
    But nothing happens when the button is tapped.
    Neither with "Open in Browser" on or off.
    And neither on the iPad or in Pubcoder's "Quick Preview Project".

    Then I tried to put a smart object with the HTML code:
    <a href="" target="_blank">Link to my domain</a>
    That actually works also on the iPad - but only one time!
    If I close down the browser (Safari) and tap the link again on the iPad nothing happens.
    After restarting my app it works again - and again only one time.

    Is there any solution or explnation for this?

  2. Angelo S

    6 Nov 2018 Administrator

    What's the link? Is it pointing to a web page? Are you sure you are inserting the link perfectly in the Open URL action?

  3. Yes, the link is pointing to a web page and I am sure I am inserting it correctly. I haven't looked more into it, since I realised that opening a webpage from an app would cause loss of focus for our users who are mainly blind or visually impaired.
    I will however try it out again just for testing that it actually works or doesn't.


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