Read aloud highlight on curved paths.

  1. last year


    I am trying to get the read aloud highlighting to work on curved/circle paths but with no luck - it seems that after importing text on curved paths from an InDesign document PubCoder rasterizes the text and converts it into an image:


    Is there a fix for this? And if not, is this something that will be supported in the future. Thank you.


  2. Can I please get some assistance or some kind of response on this?

  3. Angelo S

    6 Nov 2018 Administrator

    Hello Olive, as you said when importing from indesign, text on curve is converted to image, so it's impossible to use that with read aloud.
    You could try replace the image with an SVG and add tags manually to the SVG code, but that's not easy...

  4. Angelo, thanks for responding.

    I had reached out to CircularFlo to see if this was doable on their end. They sent me back a sample, and it seems to work fine:

    please look at this epub file to see what I mean.

    I want to execute this in PubCoder as we are already building everything within that. So to be able to handle music AND custom path read aloud would be preferable. Out of curiosity is there a tutorial or anything you could point me to as to how to code an SVG read aloud manually?

    Thanks Angelo.

  5. Paolo A

    8 Nov 2018 Administrator

    Hello Olive,

    there is no specific tutorial. If you would like us to work on this you will need to activate a specific support ticket, for which we charge a minimum cost as this is a time-spending activity on our team's side. Let me know if interested by writing an email at


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