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  1. 9 months ago

    Hello. I'd like to have the ability to have documents imported from MS Word and Apple Pages in PubCoder, maybe also OTD from GDocs. I do not use InDesign or any other Adobe product and it does not seem logical having to use those tools because they in themselves are tools in competition with PubCoder in many ways. Using PubCoder as a preprocessor is nice but having to cut and paste is tedious when you can import to InDesign and from there to PubCoder it seems like an unwanted extra program and a waste of time. Why not have the ability to import directly from MS Word and Pages, maybe even from the different presentation programs like GPresenter, PowerPoint, and others. In this way, one can use ones other devices to do the work in Scrivener, Pages, PowerPoint and other workhorses and finalize in PubCoder doing the templating and add niceties to ones work.

  2. 8 months ago

    Angelo S

    6 Mar 2019 Administrator
    Edited 8 months ago by Angelo S

    Hello Lars,
    importing from InDesign makes perfect sense for many publishers who want to convert their paper books already made with InDesign to a digital and interactive format. We know InDesign allows to export fixed-layout EPUB on their own, but moving to PubCoder allows to add interactivity, read aloud, multiple languages, and export also as native iOS/Android app, html widgets or XPUB.

    We're a small team, so we need to carefully select what features to implement. InDesign import was added because a lot of users asked for it. At the moment, there's not such demand to import from the tools you mentioned. But maybe we will add support for that some times later, though it is not actually on our roadmap.


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