Navigation Sounds?

  1. 10 months ago

    In an XPUB, with end-user running PUBREADER (Which I LOVE THANK YOU! and commented on the Play Store), I'd like to make navigation sounds. A "Boooing" which I have in MP3 form. I cannot figure this out. To add it to a swipe left action seems to hijack the ability of the user, in PUBREADER, to use that action for navigation. It only generates the sound. As I'm typing this I'm thinking, maybe add "Go To Next Page" in the actions under "Swipe Left"

    I'll give that a try. See if I can make it work.

    Thanks so much for this product. You're giving me the chance to create things that have been inside me for years. I'll definitely be promoting Pubcoder in the future.

  2. I put the MP3 on the swipe, added GO TO NEXT PAGE, was, okay, but doesn't reload if you go back to that page and then swipe to navigate forward again. So I put the sound at the beginning of LOAD on the next page, but there is a lag time as the page loads and the sound doesn't correspond to the navigation event timewise.

  3. 9 months ago

    Angelo S

    8 May 2019 Administrator

    Hello David, that should work. Please send me your .pubcoder project file over here so I can take a look:


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