Mouse over event

  1. last year

    how can I generate a mouse over event?
    I would like to make a button visible only when you move the mouse over it.

  2. Angelo S

    2 Sep 2019 Administrator

    There's not a mouse over event, since we try to use events that are always available on mobile devices.
    Anyway, you can use CSS classes to obtain the same effect.

  3. 10 months ago
    Edited 10 months ago by Manfred L

    Hi Angelo,
    I have a large map and the user should search the interactive areas with his finger or mouse.
    Therefore the area should light up when touched. The user should see which areas he can click on.
    I can't find any action in Pubcoder that can do this. In the preview I test it on the computer with the mouse.
    Can I solve this only via CSS?

  4. Angelo S

    25 Feb 2020 Administrator
    Edited 10 months ago by Angelo S

    Hello Manfred,
    this is a design problem. For example, you could use a button with actions that show and hide some "temporary" objects that highlight where the user can click...

  5. Hallo Angelo,
    thank you for your tip. A button with "touch-action" is running but only if I "click" on the button.
    I need an action, that runs if I sliding over the region (with mouse or finger).
    Hm, that's what the touch action is supposed to do. And the tap action is for "click".
    What's going wrong?

  6. Angelo S

    25 Feb 2020 Administrator

    Hello Manfred,
    A tap represents the action of the user touching the area with its finger and promptly lifting it up.
    The functionality that you're describing is not available in PubCoder without custom code.

  7. Edited 10 months ago by Manfred L

    Ok, that's a pity. For a large map on which the hotspots are hidden, the action function would make sense. Maybe with the next update? ;-)

  8. Angelo S

    26 Feb 2020 Administrator

    I believe that you can achieve this with some javascript and css... for example:

    It's just not built into pubcoder at the moment. Maybe in the future...


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