Scale/move to an exactly position

  1. last year

    I want to zoom to an exact position on a large image. Unfortunately Pubcoder only offers the possibility of a percentage. And also the position can only be given approximately (left, right, middle,...).
    How can I control an exact point ?

    After enlarging to this point, I want to use interactive buttons. Unfortunately I can't see on the editor page where my image will be enlarged and so I can't position any more buttons.

    How can I solve this?


  2. Angelo S

    8 Jan 2020 Administrator

    Hello Manfred,
    in the Scale action, change "Origin" property to "Custom", then insert your custom point (in percentage) using properties "Origin X" and "Origin Y".

    The scale action is not previewed on stage at the moment, so you will have to do some trial and error to place buttons correctly on top of the scaled image


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