Fully deleting Audio for read aloud function

  1. last year

    Issue: I'm trying to fully disassociate / delete / unlink any and all references to audio files associated with the read aloud function I had implemented for a project earlier. I tried going to each page and eliminating (using the '-' sign) each audio snippet, but as soon as I deleted the last one per page, the only menu option in that window remaining was 'cancel' (instead of OK)). Thus, the association remained. I tried deleting all the audio files, and the association still remains, this time the export project error message saying that the audio files can't be located. How can I tell PubCoder to STOP looking for, linking, associating ANY AND ALL audio files with a given project? I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you, --Bob

  2. Angelo S

    8 Jan 2020 Administrator

    Hello Robert,
    I'm not actually sure to understand the procedure you're following, but to disable read aloud in a page, just go to the page inspector and disable "Enable Read Aloud", then click "OK" in the window that asks if you want to cleanup, as shown in the image below.


    Don't worry if the audio files are still there after that, you can safely remove them from your project but, anyway, they won't be included in the export if they're not used.


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