measure file size?

  1. last year

    The get info says that my pubcoder file is 987 meg - when I try to upload to my iphone via pubreader it says I need more space.. even though I have 3 gig free... HELP please

  2. Angelo S

    23 Jan 2020 Administrator

    Hello Sheila, that's reasonable: it will need almost 1GB for the file, than it will try to expand it, probably to a 2GB file, so you will need 3GB (1+2) to install it - though the 1GB of the compressed file will be freed when the installation is complete.
    Just free more space on your iPhone :)

  3. AH that explains all thanks Angelo - hidden memory needed.. will clear it. Really apprvaite your feed back on this amazing piece of software!

    Cheers Sheila


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