xpubs won’t open in Pubreader, latest version?

  1. 2 years ago


    Over the past few years I have produced several xpubs for a number of institutions, including museums and churches. The latest update seems to prevent these from opening, and in anticipation of emails asking why their apps can’t be used any more, here’s a few questions before I renew my license:

    1. Will re-opening and re-exporting the files in the latest version fix this problem?

    2. Can I use the trial version for this, as I currently do not require a license?

    3. I may have some work coming up that I can use pubcoder for, but to do this it’s crucial that any HTML5 widgets/apps can be accessed by mobile on a website. I know this wasn’t possible before; is it possible now?

    Thanks, and I hope everyone is keeping well during these ‘interesting times’!

  2. Angelo S

    28 Apr 2020 Administrator

    Hello Lisa,
    the latest update in PubReader drops support to the oldest XPUB 1.0 format.
    Please open your project, verify that "XPUB Version" is set to 2.0 in Settings → XPUB (it should have been switched automatically) then export your project again.



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