Cursor not going to right place when editing text

  1. last year

    Help please - when I edit simple text (NOT html) on screen the cursor does not always go to the actual place where I want to edit as it does in this text box I am using. I spend ages clicking and re-clicking until I actually HIT the spot where I want to edit the wording.

    ANY advice please I used to like the old "text window" where you could easily get at text - am I missing something here ?

    LOVE Pubcoder it is a unique amazing pice of software and I would not be without it - but this is driving me crazy

  2. 11 months ago
    1. What if you select the specific text LAYER on the left hand side first;
    2. Then go to the "Selection Inspector" on the right hand side;
    3. Scroll down the "Selection Inspector", you can find a "text box" area;
    4. Click "Edit text";
    5. The specific text layer should be highlighted at the centre of the screen.
    6. You may use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate, if clicking it does not work.
  3. Angelo S

    30 Jun 2020 Administrator

    Hello Sheila,
    not sure I understand the problem, maybe it's better to write to and send the project file, since it's probably a very specific issue.


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