Image colour off in PubCoder

  1. 2 years ago

    I want to match the font colour to a solid colour in graphic file on the same page. So in Photoshop I used the eyedropper to get the #code for that colour.

    When I apply the code to the font, it's darker than the colour in the graphic.

    Then I realized it's because when I import the graphic into Pubcoder, it made the colours lighter than they are in Photoshop.

    I'm using sRGB in both programs, and embedding the document colour into the JPG file.

    Anyone know why the image looks lighter in PubCoder than the actual image?


  2. I'm having the same issue. Images look richer in my photo editing software than they do when imported into PubCoder. I've tried various colour export options, with and without rSGB colour profile embedded.

    Anyone who can shed light on this?

  3. What happens when you turn on "Use Original Image" in PubCoder for the images? Still the same effect? And when it is exported as html or epub - with that option still the same issue?

  4. Angelo S

    22 Dec 2020 Administrator

    Hello, Rayek is right, just turn on "Use Original Image" if you do not feel ok with how pubcoder recompresses the images


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