Pubreader opening books to a blank page on Android Tablet

  1. 3 years ago

    I have downloaded Pubreader on my iPad pro and it works brilliantly for reading xpub files. The file size optimizes nicely for xPub, much better than for epub. This is a good solution for multi-rendition projects on iOS devices.

    I have recently acquired a 2nd hand Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 for Android testing purposes, running Android version 5.1.1.
    I have loaded Pubreader and installed an xpub file of two of my books via wifi.
    When I click 'Read', both files open to a blank screen.

    I am also trying to work through the steps to launch Amazon apps on Google Play and Amazon app stores, because many of those interested in my books are on Android devices. But that is a much more complicated process. I was hoping xPub and Pubreader would be one possible simple solution; is there any reason anyone can suggest as to why it's not working?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Angelo S

    22 Dec 2020 Administrator

    Hello Kathryin, just write to so we can understand why your project is not working on Android, we will probably ask you to send us your pubcoder file.

  3. Email sent :-)
    Grazie mille Angelo.

  4. Kathryn,

    what do you mean when you say "The file size optimizes nicely for xPub, much better than for epub."

    I ask because the Epubs I generate are far bigger than the Epubs.

    Thanks :)

  5. John, I'm not sure what you mean by 'the Epubs I generate are far bigger than the Epubs' - was one of those meant to be xpub? ;-P
    You're right actually, now that I check again, my xpubs are bigger than my epubs, but considering they contain 5 localizations (not just 1) I'm happy with the file size optimisation.

  6. Oops! Sorry, Kathryn. Yes, that should have read "the Xpubs I generate are far bigger than the Epubs." Apologies for that.

    Re your xpubs, do you mean you do 5 localisations yourself?


  7. @John I use translators and voice artists for the narrations, but yes, I embed the 5 localisations in my file myself. I do the English and French text, I have the French verified by a native speaker (I'm fluent but not native), and have translators do the Italian and Spanish. The voice artists confirm for me that the Italian and Spanish versions 'sound' right. I get an Aus and US English narration (will add UK next year), so 5 localisations for now. I'm starting to work with Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian and German translators and authors to produce books in those languages as well, so more to come :-)

  8. Hello Kathryn,


    There's no other response I could make.

    And you even do an Australian English narration? Go you! (I'm a Sydneysider) :)

    How do you do all this? Time-wise. And it can't be cheap, either.

    John (gobsmacked) :)

  9. LOL no - not cheap. I'm originally from Melbourne, and my most ready-made accessible market for these books is Melbourne/Australian schools, for their language programs. I have been working in languages education for about 30 years, as a consultant for the last 10 years, so have good contacts. I finished my PhD (Applied Linguistics) in July this year, so these books are my post-PhD project. For the Australian market, I figured an American accent narration wouldn't sell well, so yes; I'm doing an Australian English version. But I know for some in the UK, they'll want that accent, and even here in NZ (where I now live), some would prefer NZ to Aus, I think. Plus I'd really like to offer them in te reo Māori.

    My consulting work has diminished this year, so I've had time over the last few months to work pretty hard on these books. I now need to go get a day job though, so it's going to mean late nights from here on. It's been a big investment - about $2.5K so far, in illustrations/animations, translations, narrations, and advertising, but as of December I'm starting to sell subscriptions and a smattering of individual books. Still a long way to go to get out of the red! I'm hoping to build in 2021 (the day job is not intended to be a permanent gig - just keep funds flowing while I build the eBook business), but that remains to be seen. Even though I love the writing and loathe the marketing, I've got a couple of people working on texts now so I can focus on business development (and the day job).

    I moved aboard a 40ft catamaran 4 years ago with my amazingly supportive, retired partner who keeps me plied with tea, coffee, wine and generally takes care of everything while I try and find ways to earn money from the back of the boat, so I can enjoy the lifestyle with him in the years while it's still possible. So I've had no commuting, even pre-COVID. It's amazing how much more productive working from home is (even/especially when home is a boat). The last 4 years have been great - circumstances are a changing a little now, but hopefully the eBooks will be a part of many more great years to come.

  10. Dr Kathryn :) Awesome!

    You really are well-placed to be doing these books, with your background and contacts. Good on you.

    Turning a profit (or getting any return at all) is definitely a challenge. Writers don't make natural marketers. From the sound of things, you're getting a handle on it though.

    I've been working from home since the start of February. I'm often not sure where I should be putting my efforts, but I also need the book business to start paying back some of what I've put into it.

    Consider me envious of your lifestyle :)



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