License issue

  1. 7 months ago

    I am running Pubcoder in a classroom
    We have a license for 15 computers and are currently running on 8-9 only.
    The license is valid until October 2021.
    Nevertheless, every 15-20 minutes I and my students (at random) receive a notification that my license has expired and I have to restart the program.
    What could be the reason for this?

  2. Angelo S

    9 Jun 2021 Administrator

    You should write to about this. If you bought a multiseat license, probably there's something wrong with your setup (e.g. using the wrong account name). Please write to support with more details and we will fix the issue together

  3. I wrote to support and never received an answer

  4. 6 months ago

    Angelo S

    29 Jun 2021 Administrator

    Sorry for delay, I believe your email was answered now


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