Disabled Objects

  1. 5 months ago

    Could someone please tell me what is causing objects and text to be disabled in multiple renditions, please?

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Are you deleting an object from a non-default rendition ? That's the only way I've found so far to disable objects and text.. can you explain in a bit more detail?

  3. Hi. I am not sure how to answer.

    I have spent a month night and day building 9 renditions and the files have been submitted to Google Play and App-Connect - iOS.

    This required making multiple adjustments to the text and images. I even re-did them to avoid any issues.

    When I reopen the renditions to update - the actual images and text have been disabled or replaced with the button. This is a 27-page interactive c children's book.

    I have paid a reputable company to do the submissions and am charged for each update. When I view the ios versions they are nothing like my original files. They are missing backgrounds and text.

    I have repeatedly tested the renditions on my iPhone and iPad in Pubreader before submitting and they all appear to work perfectly! I do not own Mac and have no way to view the Android.

    I am not sure what you mean by non-default rendition :/

    The app viewed in Pubreader is wonderful! All of the interactions worked perfectly, but when actually published and viewed in Test Flight - it is an embarrassing hot mess!

    Please guide me as to how to avoid these issues ASAP! I wish there more current in-depth tutorials similar to my projects because I would like to continue using it for future projects.

    Thank you!

  4. Sorry to hear this Cathy that sounds difficult! I can only suggested emailing PubCoder support (support@pubcoder.com) with a copy of your pubcoder file to see if they can help. It sounds like there is something going on with your renditions. Non-default renditions are any that are blue in the top right of the interface, there is one default (grey) that all others are based on. I haven't yet tried to publish to iOS and Android (will be doing this in a few months) so don't have detailed experience with that.

  5. Thank you


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