Animation flickers

  1. last year
    Edited last year by Antonio G

    I've done several animations. In the preview mode, everything is fine. But when I export the XPUB file, two out of five of them flicker on my iOS device while on the Android side everything runs fine. If I export as a HTML5 on Firefox the first run of every animation is flickering while on Chrome doesn't. I've tried every kind of compression but the result is always the same. Due to the design of my page, I can't replace them with movies. Is there a way to understand why some work and some do not? Thanks

    PS: I've already found a similar question but the answer (changing the size of canvas) didn't solve my issue.

  2. Angelo S

    23 Aug 2021 Administrator

    Hello Antonio, it seems to be a problem appeared with the latest versions of iOS and Firefox, we are working on it.


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