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  1. 2 years ago

    Is it possible to instruct pubcoder to ignore text when being read aloud? I build bilingual inter-liner text for language learning. Only the target language should be read aloud. I have been using Alberto Parrain Aeneas and Sigil in my workflow. Unfortunately some of the tools are now depreciated and it has always been a mess.

    Here is a sample of the text [missing the formatting. ]

    M. de Tréville gagne dix mille écus par an; c’est donc un fort
    M. de Tréville earns ten thousand crowns a year; it is therefore a strong
    grand seigneur. – Il a commencé comme vous, allez le voir avec
    nobleman. - He started like you, go see him with
    cette lettre, et réglez-vous sur lui, afin de faire comme lui.»
    this letter, and adjust to it, in order to do as it does.

    A short clip from YouTube

    Any help will be appreciated

  2. You would need to put the text you don't want in a different text box. You can use one text box per language, with blank lines, and position them so that the text appears as it does in your video, but you might run into difficulties with the boxes not overlapping properly when the exported file is viewed on different devices of different sizes.
    You could also create 1 text box per line - a bit more tedious but probably safer.
    When you launch the read-aloud wizard, you delete the text chunks you don't want.
    Another option would be to create the English on the right hand side, rather than below each French line. That way you could use a single text box per paragraph for each language, and you probably wouldn't have issues of the text boxes positioning incorrectly when viewed on different size screens.


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