Interactivity not working in epub or xpub on iPad Pro

  1. 3 months ago

    I am creating some ebooks with localisations in English and Japanese. There are 3 text boxes on each page; the default (always visible) uses Hiragana script, The other two (hidden) use romaji and kana/kanji script. I have placed 2 objects on the page, 1 for romaji and 1 for kana/kanji. Each of these objects has interactivity set so that when you tap it the relevant script text box object appears, and when you swipe left, the object disappears. They work when previewing the file in Pubcoder on my Macbook Pro, but when exported to both ePub and xPub on my iPad Pro they don't work.
    They do work in the Japanese localisation ePub version when viewed in the Books app on my MacBook Pro.
    I am meant to be presenting these ebooks at a conference for Japanese teachers next week, to schools in which students will be using tablets (some android, some iPads) to view the books. It's critical that this feature works. So I'm after urgent help!
    Any ideas on how to make the feature work on tablets?

  2. Angelo S

    Mar 28 Administrator

    hello, write to and send the pubcoder project file using a wetransfer so we can check out


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