manage launch image manually

  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by Dawid Z


    When I try to add my own launch image, pubcoder just refuses to make android app

    unexpected compiler error

    NilObjectException in SCAndroidAPPCompiler.buildXPUBContainer

    pubcoder 4.1.2 (1164)
    win 10


    When I try to do it on macOS then it let's me make the app, but the launch screen is still unchanged (pubcoder logo). Im using 1024x1024 png files. ANY IDEAS?

    What's interesting, the error only appears when I try to add custom pictures - if I even check the "manange launch image manually" and don't upload any picture, it works fine. I use PNG files in resolution 1024x1024 as the menu suggests.

    Do I understand correctly - this option would change the launch image - but just the one that loads BEFORE the pubcoder standard screen? I'd like a clean visual - now when I open the app on android there is a grey screen with a very small app icon, after that there is a standard pubcoder visual and after those two - the cover of my app.

    Is it possible to skip the pubcoder visual? And how can I make the "manage launch image manually" work?

  2. Angelo S

    24 May 2022 Administrator

    Hello Dawid,
    sorry for the late reply, please try this beta release, which should fix the issue:

  3. Angelo S

    24 May 2022 Administrator

    please let me know if this works


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