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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Jun 11 12:04:03 2020

    Hello Terry,
    we provide a javascript function to get the value of the counter and another to switch the text of the object dynamically:

  2. Thu Jun 11 12:00:58 2020
    Angelo S posted in Unoptimised APK.

    Hello Terry,
    the "Unoptimized APK" is a warning only, you can go on and publish your app safely.

  3. Thu Jun 11 12:00:01 2020
    Angelo S posted in javascript questions.

    Hello Ewan,
    you can find documentation about code in pubcoder here:
    Also, each object has an example of how it is exported in HTML.

  4. Thu Jun 11 11:58:39 2020
    Angelo S posted in MP3 and Audio file problem.

    Hello Anthony, I can't really understand what you mean here:

    The first button won't link to an audio file only an MP3 and the stop audio will only link to an audio file and not the MP3. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Thu Jun 11 11:57:09 2020
    Angelo S posted in Timer interactive.

    Hello, maybe you could simply use a javascript timer for this to run an actionlist

  6. Thu Jun 11 11:54:51 2020
    Angelo S posted in Dublin Core metadata.

    Hello Monica,
    I guess you will need to manually edit the exported file for this. Where would you insert those metadata? OPF file? or page HTML files?

  7. Thu Jun 11 11:52:28 2020
    Angelo S posted in Start /stop read aloud.

    Hello, what format are you exporting? EPUB? HTML? XPUB?

  8. 6 weeks ago
    Tue May 26 17:51:35 2020
    Angelo S posted in Radio buttons not working.

    Hello Graeme,
    I think I found and fixed the issue, can you give a try to this beta and let me know if it works for you?

  9. Tue May 26 12:51:45 2020
    Angelo S posted in Best wishes to Italy.

    ❤️ thanks. We're all safe, still working from home here. Hope you are well too, since the situation has worsened in the USA and all over the world during the last few months...

  10. Tue May 26 12:46:37 2020
    Angelo S posted in URL distinti desktop/mobile.

    Ciao Corrado,
    non hai bisogno di fare più esportazioni, ma una sola con declinazioni multiple. Qui trovi tutte le info:

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