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  1. 6 months ago
    Mon May 8 12:52:14 2023

    Hello, we've officially released the stable update for PubCoder 4.3.4 which fixes the issue with App Store Connect publishing.

    Please notice that's a different version from the previous one posted here (stable version for Mac is while beta was

    You can download the stable version from or directly from PubCoder using Auto-Update

  2. Thu May 4 15:06:41 2023

    Here's a beta of PubCoder 4.3.4, which should fix the issue:

    Please let us know if this works for you

  3. Thu May 4 10:04:46 2023

    Hello Jacqueline,
    well actually OTF and TTF font should work either, but often there are metadata in the file that do not allow them to be used on the web. Transcoding to another format often clears the issue: if you try to convert the converted WOFF file back to OTF it will probably work.

  4. Wed May 3 17:40:39 2023

    Hello John, we will release a fix as soon as possible

  5. Wed May 3 17:23:35 2023
    Angelo S posted in Image Wrap - Inline Images.

    Hello Jacqueline, you mean shape-outside ?

  6. Wed May 3 17:21:45 2023

    Hello Vera, yes but you have to use LocalStorage via Javascript to achieve this

  7. 7 months ago
    Tue Apr 11 15:03:40 2023
    Angelo S posted in Randomized pages.

    You can extract the randomly chosen item from the array, save the result in the localstorage and get the array from localstorage if there's one. Of course it gets a bit more complicated, but should be something like that (not tested):

    // First, check if there's already an array of choices stored in local storage
    var savedChoices = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('choices'));
    if (!savedChoices) {
        // If there's no saved array or it's empty, use the provided choices
        savedChoices = choices;
    } else if (savedChoices.length === 0) {
        console.warn("every choice has already been made!");
    } else {
        // First run, setup the array of choices
        savedChoices = [2, 17, 20, 27, 35, 43, 46];
    // Now, choose a random value from the saved choices array
    const randomIndex = Math.random(Math.random() * (savedChoices.length-1));
    const chosenValue = savedChoices[randomIndex];
    // Remove the chosen value from the saved choices array
    savedChoices.splice(randomIndex, 1);
    // Save the updated array back to local storage
    localStorage.setItem('choices', JSON.stringify(savedChoices));
    // go to page!
  8. Tue Apr 11 10:19:10 2023
    Angelo S posted in Randomized pages.

    As another user just asked on support, a quickly wrote a variation on this where you can just pick a random page from a preset of pages (not from the entire book):

    const pagesToPickFrom = [2, 17, 20, 27, 35, 43, 46];
    const index = Math.round(Math.random() * (pagesToPickFrom.length-1));
  9. 8 months ago
    Mon Mar 13 15:04:56 2023
    Angelo S posted in Different languages.

    You could do it by chapter, but you would always see all of the pages on the reader

  10. Mon Mar 13 14:58:42 2023
    Angelo S posted in Button phone call.

    "open link" action with a tel:<number> url should work.

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