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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Aug 23 11:21:49 2021
    Angelo S posted in Text sizes in PubReader.

    Hello Gabrielle,
    you can achieve this using a one-line javascript like this:

    $(".variable-font-size .SCTextContainer *").animate({'font-size': '+=5'});

    That will animate and increase the text size of every text box with the "variable-font-size" class by 5 pixels.
    Just use: $(".SCTextContainer *").animate({'font-size': '+=5'}); if you want to increase the font size of every text box on the page. Use -=5 instead of +=5 to decrease the font size (of course you can replace 5 with whatever size you prefer).

  2. Mon Aug 23 11:14:56 2021

    Ciao, in PubCoder non puoi settare direttamente l'id di un oggetto, quindi immagino che

    document.getElementById('hide').style.display ='none';

    non faccia nulla.

    Probabilmente hai assegnato a degli oggetti una classe "hide", in quel caso sostituisci quella riga con

    $(".hide").css("display", "none");
  3. 3 months ago
    Tue Jun 29 17:38:52 2021

    Ciao Arianna, per poterti aiutare devi caricare il file .pubcoder su dropbox, non il .xpub

  4. Tue Jun 29 17:37:13 2021
    Angelo S posted in lettura Pub Reader.

    Ciao Carola, su che sistema operativo usi PubCoder? Windows o Mac?

  5. Tue Jun 29 17:36:25 2021

    we just released an update that should fix this issue. Please let us know if it works for you.

  6. Tue Jun 29 17:35:20 2021

    In XPUB, though you have an images folder for each rendition, the whole package is optimized so that actually identical files are replaced with links to the only copy of each

  7. Tue Jun 29 17:33:57 2021
    Angelo S posted in trascina con obiettivo.

    abbiamo appena rilasciato un update che dovrebbe risolvere il problema, potete confermarlo?


  8. Tue Jun 29 17:33:28 2021
    Angelo S posted in License issue.

    Sorry for delay, I believe your email was answered now

  9. Tue Jun 29 17:32:21 2021

    Hello Van,
    there's an action to show app menu, clicking everywhere on the page will hide it.

  10. 4 months ago
    Wed Jun 9 13:28:21 2021
    Angelo S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hello Cathy,
    this is a bit vague, can you send a video of the issue?

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