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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Apr 21 09:42:38 2022

    Hello Vikram,
    You can export a separate EPUB file with a chosen range of pages to be used as a sample to submit to Apple by selecting "Include a Subset of Pages" in the export popup at the top-left of your project window. More info here

    Best Regards,

  2. 3 months ago
    Mon Apr 4 15:40:06 2022
    Angelo S posted in Images in Quiz Widget.

    Nope, sorry

  3. Mon Mar 28 15:16:23 2022

    Hello, can you please download this beta version and let us know if the problem is fixed for you:

  4. Mon Mar 28 15:15:32 2022

    hello, write to and send the pubcoder project file using a wetransfer so we can check out

  5. Mon Mar 28 15:14:22 2022
    Angelo S posted in Store drop position.

    You should be able to achieve this using javascript and localstorage

  6. Mon Mar 28 15:13:54 2022

    Hello, you have to manage this behavior using javascript, there's no built-in functionality in pubcoder to do this, sorry.

  7. Mon Mar 28 15:12:20 2022
    Angelo S posted in Exit Button.

    It is not doable, you can't "exit" a program on iOS or Android. For an XPUB file inside PubReader or a Shelf, you have the Close Reader action which closes the reader and gets you back to the PubReader/Shelf screen

  8. Mon Mar 28 15:10:32 2022

    a label is simply a text object preset with centered text

  9. 5 months ago
    Fri Jan 28 09:56:05 2022
    Angelo S posted in Formatting for Nook.

    It means they only support flowable EPUBs, while PubCoder exports fixed-layout EPUBs

  10. Wed Jan 26 10:21:20 2022

    Hello Edmund,
    it seems that Oracle changed the way it writes some JDK information on the Windows registry in the latest SDK versions, preventing PubCoder from correctly locating it. Please try this beta release, which should fix the issue
    Please let me know if this works.

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