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  1. 3 months ago
    Mon Jul 19 13:35:39 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Here is the training site - it's in Italian but if you view in Chrome you can auto-translate which works OK - similarly YouTube will auto translate captions.


    At the bottom right is information about more training - basically support@pubcoder.com to enquire.

  2. Mon Jul 12 06:42:49 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hi Cathy,

    If you are viewing a non-default rendition then up in the top right you will see a blue dot (next to the Sie, language or orientation).

    If you then change a setting in the selection properties (for example, X value) you will then also see a blue dot next to the X value setting indicating that the position has changed in this rendition only.

    To reset (in this case) the X setting, right -click the blue dot next to the X setting and choose 'remove value for rendition'. There are also options to copy and move the value which is what I meant by 'or look at other options'.

    I also saw that PubCoder offer training - if you're able to it might be worth investing in getting a few hours training if you're struggling especially since I've only just seen this (and unfortunately this forum doesn't seem to generate notifications when people respond to your posts).

  3. Mon Jul 12 06:37:19 2021

    Thanks Angelo. We have multiple pages with a video that takes up the entire screen so in this case you can't click anywhere to hide the app menu - that's why I was looking for a specific action to add to a button to hide the app menu.

    However I have gotten around this by inserting rectangles over the top of the video with 'always catch touch' chosen so that if someone navigates to a full-screen video page with the app menu open they are still able to click or tap to hide the app menu. This was particularly tricky on a full-screen video page because the app menu hides the playback controls.

  4. 4 months ago
    Tue Jun 22 01:12:05 2021

    I have had this error when trying to change the document size in PubCoder and make it different to the InDesign file size (this is flagged as an experimental feature). I ended up changing the document size in InDesign first.

  5. Mon Jun 21 14:36:28 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Just had a quick look - you can set a new default font size for each rendition. Set it in the project settings for each rendition - you will see a blue dot appear to show that this setting is for that rendition only. That way you can change the overall font size for each rendition and make it smaller for renditions that need this. To get rid of the seperate rendition setting right - click and remove it (or look at other options).

  6. Thu Jun 17 06:08:38 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Choose Renditions > Edit project formats, then select any renditions you can't to remove and present the minus (-) button at the bottom left. You can keep the default and rename if you wish, this won't automatically remove the others. You can then make new renditions based on the default.

  7. Thu Jun 17 02:38:52 2021
    V Van S posted in Disabled Objects.

    Sorry to hear this Cathy that sounds difficult! I can only suggested emailing PubCoder support (support@pubcoder.com) with a copy of your pubcoder file to see if they can help. It sounds like there is something going on with your renditions. Non-default renditions are any that are blue in the top right of the interface, there is one default (grey) that all others are based on. I haven't yet tried to publish to iOS and Android (will be doing this in a few months) so don't have detailed experience with that.

  8. Thu Jun 17 02:33:56 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hi Cathy,
    Glad it was helpful!
    If you update the default (grey) rendition all others should update too unless you've manually changed a property for something in another rendition... not sure how many edits you've made but depending on what you've done it might be easier to delete renditions that are a bit messed up and just start again. I'm not totally sure what you mean in regards to your question going forward - if you need multiple renditions you should export with all, if you only need 1 yes just include that one. You can choose which renditions will be exported in each format by going to project > project settings. if you want to export more than one rendition you need to choose 'Manage renditions manually' and choose at least one, possibly more option from each section.

  9. Wed Jun 16 14:45:21 2021
    V Van S posted in Disabled Objects.

    Hi Cathy,
    Are you deleting an object from a non-default rendition ? That's the only way I've found so far to disable objects and text.. can you explain in a bit more detail?

  10. Wed Jun 16 14:42:15 2021
    V Van S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hi Cathy I've found that when I create a new rendition it's based on an existing one - I just modify the new one with changed properties - is that not what you're finding? Are you having to build renditions from scratch? Are you following the steps in the help here? https://docs.pubcoder.com/pubcoder_renditions.html

    Anything you modify in the default rendition should update in the other versions, it's only when you edit a non-default (blue) rendition that the others don't update...

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