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    Wed Oct 5 22:36:43 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation TWO SMIL or NOT TO SMIL? .

    HI Can anybody help with what seems too simple questions.

    I have Englist Text on one side of the page and Arabic traslation text to it ON THE SAME PAGE.

    I can only stop and start or or the other SMIL read aloud file - I want to allow user to click either audio button to start SMIL files?

    Can anybody help please?


    PS I cant seem to paste images here to show either!

  2. Mon Sep 26 13:41:33 2022
    Zahir E posted in Text previews different.

    Hi Humberto

    I am not sure if you have embedded your own specific font into pubcoder - if not maybe other equipment if it does not have same font, it will find nearest. Good video by Pubcoder CTO on Text on their website.

  3. Mon Sep 26 13:26:28 2022
    Zahir E posted in memory game.

    Thanks very much Angelo - and it works! :))

  4. Mon Sep 26 13:25:36 2022
    Zahir E posted in Exit Button.

    Thanks - it is very strange. I have set as per above but, still not change. I will try again on another example.


  5. Mon Sep 26 13:23:19 2022
    Zahir E started the conversation Page Turn Book - How do they do that?.


    I was looking through PubCoder website and noted link to Easyjet in the Air childrens books -

    Does naybody know how to create page turn in pubcoder - please share.

    Thanks in advance


  6. Sat Sep 24 10:49:45 2022
    Zahir E posted in Timed Memroy Game.

    Sorry about my spelling, having memory laps!!! Excellent

  7. Sat Sep 24 10:49:03 2022
    Zahir E posted in Timed Memroy Game.

    Hello Humberto,

    Wow, excelent idea. Thanks for the suggestion but, there is only small catch, I dont know how to which the timer on and when it reaches certainl value it triggers an action. I fully understand the concept but, I dont know how to achieve this. Do you have small sample you could share? This would certainly be excellent option.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Mon Sep 19 18:59:12 2022

    NOTE typo above - it not the level panel - it should say LAYERS PANEL # code at the bottom.

  9. Mon Sep 19 18:55:32 2022

    Once I have fully mastered the example, I might even attempt to do short YouTube video on this to help others.

    Thanks the support team

  10. Mon Sep 19 18:52:46 2022


    Thanks very much, this has been really useful and so pleased that I can progress with my e-learning book

    I almost understand the Java code and how the counter is used.

    I have also poster a reply from Anna which was also very useful - this will help others in the future ;

    You can find the ID of the object by activating the hash symbol at the bottom of the levels window.
    The first ID is the counter, enter the ID of your counter.
    The second ID is the text box, enter the ID of your text box.

    The counter increases each time an item is dragged to the plate.
    A “Drag object” action is entered on each of the ingredients; if the object is dragged into the “Drop Zone,” the counter is incremented by one value.
    Here is a link to the documentation on how the “Drag Object” action works:

    Support Team PubCoder

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