Unable to build android

  1. last year

    NilObjectException in SCAndroidAppCompiler.buildXPUBContainer:

    Pubcoder 4.2.1 (1172)
    Mac OS Ventura

    I tested first with a sample project, and then with a blank one just with one page and a text box.
    On every test it gives that error on the beginning.

    I've already uninstalled Pubcoder. The issue remains.

    Thanks for your support.

    Humberto Neves

  2. Hi admin.

    Face the same problem after updating my Mac OS to Ventura.

    Failed to build "PubCoder Example Project"
    An unexpected compiler error occurred NilObjectException in SCAndroidAppCompiler.buildXPUBConta iner:

    Pubcoder 4.2.1 (1172)
    Mac OS Ventura Version 13.0

    Attached is the screenshot.

    Please help.



  3. Riccardo G 6

    7 Nov 2022 Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    we just released version 4.3 of PubCoder, which fixes issues with macOS Ventura.
    Just choose "Check for updates" from the "PubCoder" application menu to start the update.


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  5. I have been attempting to publish my Android version via my PC and receiving the same error.

    If I publish via my macOS Ventura will that resolve the issue, please?

  6. 10 months ago
    Deleted 9 months ago by Riccardo G 6
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    Deleted 3 months ago by Angelo S

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