Embedding a Webapp in wordpress

  1. last year

    Hi all,
    for the last few weeks I have tried to post a web app (HTML5) project, called The Zoo Example, in a website I have created in WordPress using Hostgator. I followed the procedure described in your Learn/Export Formats/HTML5/Folder option. I saved the exported folder and renamed it theZooExampleWebapp. Then, I uploaded it to the public_html folder in my site server (itisallmath.com ). On a page The Zoo Example created, I wrote the the iframe code

    <iframe src="https://www.itisallmath.com/public_html/theZooExampleWebapp" style="width:100%; height:100%; border:0; scrolling=no;"></iframe>

    and after upgrading it, the preview does not show the project. I get a frame with the following message:

    The page you requested was not found we suggest you to go back to HomePage

    Is any thing I am doing wrong?

    Best regards,

  2. Angelo S

    4 Jan 2023 Administrator

    Hello Carlos,
    usually the "public_html" directory name is not included in the URL, in fact if you go to https://www.itisallmath.com/theZooExampleWebapp the file is there but it downloads a .zip file, you should be able to get to the contents at leasting pointing directly to the index.html file https://www.itisallmath.com/theZooExampleWebapp/index.html but it says the file does not exist. So I assumed you uploaded a zip archive instead of the entire folder. How did you upload the folder? Using a FTP client or some file manager on your webserver? Maybe the file manager uploader is compressing the folder on its own...

    Best Regards,


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