1. 11 months ago

    Hey, i am a math teacher and look for a way to show formula.
    Great would be KaTeX or LaTex, but i am glad about any kind of possibility.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I see I didn't phrase it clearly as a question: So, apart from images:

    In what way can I represent mathematical formulas in pubcoder?

  3. Angelo S

    1 Aug 2023 Administrator

    Hello Christopher, actually the best way to ensure compatibility with all formats and browsers and EPUB readers *is* using images, our advice is to use a conversion tool that translates LaTex to SVG like . In this way you have actually a vector image which is indistinguishable from text.

  4. Hello Chris, my advice is to write your equations in , then export them in *.svg format and embed then into your project.

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