App Store says: "Languages: English, Italian" though only English is supported

  1. 8 years ago

    I have just got our new app for sale at the Apple App Store.
    On the App store page it says: "Languages: English, Italian".
    I wonder where the "Italian" comes from because the language of the app is only English. And in Pubcoder at "Project Settings -> Localization" only English is added.
    Is the any way to avoid "Italian" being somehow added when publishing an iOS app from Pubcoder? I fear that people might get disappointed if they purchase the app thinking that Italian language is an option.

  2. John, I'm getting ready to publish 2 apps to Apple. Did you figure this out?

  3. Sorry, Carlton - I haven't yet figured it out.

  4. Paolo A

    18 May 2016 Administrator

    Has to do with some italian localized strings we added in the App, that's why Apple adds Italian as it sees it in the code. Working on it, but English will probably always appear, as it is the default language of the app.
    Stay tuned.

  5. 7 years ago

    Any updates on this?
    I've got the opposite problem, with one of the languages NOT appearing.


  6. Paolo A

    2 Jan 2017 Administrator

    That's a different issue: you need to either make sure you can open the App Menu (which will show the language selection button) or insert a custom button with "Open localizations menu" action.

  7. Inside the App all is fine, I have all languages, the problem is on the App store, Spanish does NOT appear in the information provided by Apple. Apple says it's a binary code issue inside the project settings in the App file.


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