Android Reader to EPUB3 with interactivity

  1. 8 years ago

    What is the best reader android to open a EPUB3 with interactivity?

  2. I use Gitden Reader for my android devises. It works really good.

  3. Hi, Thanks Carlton M. Gitden Reader don,t supports Read Aloud. Another opcción that incluides it?


  4. Sorry, they all have their limitations. Radium is suppose to come out with an reader for Android. Hopefully soon. You might try Adobe Digital Editions.

  5. I try it. Readium don,t exist (I think) in Chrome for tablets and Adobe Digital don,t like Read Aloud too. What a pity. Hopefully soon. Thanks

  6. 7 years ago

    Try Infinity Reader for Android from Google Play . The reader supports audio, video, scripts and all EPUB3 features. The reader comes with a free book, which contains youtube video.
    You can download a lot of free books from the reader.

    I use Readium(Chrome plugin) for Windows and Mac

  7. That's a new one. Thanks, I'll check it out.


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