Importing Widgets and Animations and PDFs

  1. 6 years ago
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    Hi There,

    Two questions on importing assets --

    (A) Can I import book widgets from places like or ? (Pubcoder has many cool widgets, but I need more variety for my education projects.)

    (B) Can I import animations made with other programs -- for example, Hippani or Adobe Animate? (Yes, I can do some pretty cool animations with Pubcoder, but the choices are a bit limited, so I would like to ALSO import animations.)

    (C) I know you can create the basic book layout (the pages, images and text) by importing an In-Design file. Are there plans to do with this PDF files too?

    I am trying out several different eBook authoring tools. I'm looking for "The One" that does everything, and I am hoping this is Pubcoder!


  2. 5 years ago

    I would like to know this too. If any answer was given to this I’d like to know; I’m worried about using PubCoder if questions like this aren’t being answered in a timely fashion.

  3. Did anyone get an answer to this question? I would like to know also.

  4. Paolo A

    2 May 2018 Administrator

    Ok, here are the answers to those questions.

    A) Not at present. The reason is that PubCoder is compliant with EPUB3 standard, which requires XHTML vs. HTML. Most widget engines that I know of, including at least Bookry, do not respect the XHTML standard. This is valid also for our HTML and APP export, but this may change in the future, precisely for this reason, i.e in order to let external widgets to be imported for exports other than EPUB3

    B) Yes, here is an article on Medium on how to do that.

    C) Currently, there is no visible plan on importing PDFs.

  5. Thank you Paolo for your answer.

    Are there any plans for PubCoder to add additional widgets? I am animating my children's books and have a game section in the back. I use your coloring, mask and memory game widgets. I also have designed some of my own games mainly using PubCoder's coloring widget and jigsaw puzzles using the drag and drop feature. I would love to see PubCoder add more widgets.

    I would also love to see PubCoder add a curve motion feature. Right now when i want a bunny to hop I have to add several move commands but it isn't the same as if I could do it in one motion. Is this a coming possibility?

    Thank you for your answer and I look forward to seeing more new things from PubCoder.

    Cristine Caton

  6. last year

    Christine C
    I know it is a reply to old msg!
    Are you able to share few of your games please. I am alsmost trying to do what you were doing in 2018!

    I wonder if by now 2020 - there are more features to create childrens games? Can anybody help


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