Pubcoder's stopped working

  1. 5 years ago

    Suddenly today my Pubcoder (Mac) doesn't work.
    It requires my account info to be entered every time I open it.
    I can log in but then I can't publish or preview page/project.
    It stops at "Rendering image..." and nothing works.
    Has anyone else encountered the problem?

  2. John, I had that problem and they had me re-download the Mac version from thier website, not the email
    notification. All is working fine with mine today.

  3. Thanks, Carlton - I re-downloaded and it all works again.

  4. 2 years ago

    How to re-download? Do I have to delete it first and download again? Does my project will be then I sign again to the new pubcoder?

  5. Angelo S

    26 May 2020 Administrator

    Hello Evelina,
    You can download pubcoder from our website:
    No need to manually delete the previous version before: if you are on a Mac, just drag the PubCoder application icon on your Applications folder to replace the previous one; if you are using Windows, just run the installer.


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