Creating a copy of a project file

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi there, newbie (1st post); so far mostly impressed with pub coder, but experiencing a few glitches. The most frustrating one today; I am doing children's read-aloud picture books, translated into in multiple languages. I created the first project in English, then copied the file in my Mac Finder directory, giving it a new name (the translated name), then opened it in Pub Coder and edited the text to the new language (e.g. Italian). I created the French version from the Italian version, and the Indonesian version from the French version in the same way. I added the read-aloud narration to each of the 17 pages, then went to save and the app crashed. When I re-opened, it had reverted to French. So I re-translated, but (luckily) hadn't bothered doing the read-aloud narration yet. I saved the file successfully, and had the app sitting in the background while I worked in a Word doc and in Gmail. When I went back to close the project and shut down my laptop for the evening, the Indonesian file has now reverted to Italian!!!!????? These language gremlins are getting to be a frustrating waste of time! Any suggestions? Is there a better way to copy a project file? I noticed there was no 'create duplicate' option in the file menu...

  2. Angelo S

    4 Jun 2018 Administrator

    Hello Kathryin, I'm not aware of any issues when duplicating files. Only, be sure to close the file in PubCoder before duplicating it in the Finder. Or use the "save as" function in PubCoder to create the copy.


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