Exporting PDF for entire project

  1. last year

    Issue: Exporting PDF format file for *entire* set of project pages.
    I've noticed that I can only export PDF for 1 page at a time. Is there a way to tell PubCoder to export the entire project in PDF format?
    (I realize only the visible assets like images and text and colors etc. will be output and that is fine.). Thank you for any guidance. --Bob

  2. Angelo S

    8 Jan 2020 Administrator

    Hello Robert,
    this feature is not present at the moment, you will need to export PDFs for each page and the merge them using an external software.

  3. 7 months ago

    Dear Sirs,
    If I didn't do something wrong, setting up a 1024 x 768 ebook and drawing scrolling pages, for example 1024 x 2304 ( three screens ), there is no possibility to export the whole page in pdf. Am I wrong? Will it exist later? This limitation does not allow the construction of a pdf version of the book in any way. A PDF version is essential for submission to copyright certifying bodies in accordance with recent European law. Thank you. Aldo Di Russo

  4. Angelo S

    9 Nov 2020 Administrator

    Hello Aldo,
    no way to export a whole scrolling page as a PDF: It's a fixed layout, the page size is actually 1024x769, scrollable content is just like interactivity.
    Anyway, the File → Print menu command from the Quick Preview actually creates a PDF with a snapshot of currently visible contents. So you could save multiple PDFs then bind them with Adobe Acrobat or some other utility. Of course that's not optimal, but that's what we have.

    Best Regards,


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