Warning when testing .APK at Amazon App Store

  1. 3 years ago

    I am testing an Android .apk at Amazon App Store and get the following warning:
    Caution : Google Cloud Messaging Detected
    Your APK includes a manifest declaration or an API invocation referring to Google Cloud Messaging.
    I have published as an Ad Hoc file according to what the Pubcoder Docs say: "Use Ad Hoc distribution to build an .apk file that you can distribute manually or submit to other app stores "

    1: I wonder if the reference to Google is a problem at Amazon?

    2: Should the .APK for Amazon still contain the Google Play License Key and Signing?

  2. I now see that the test results say: "Issue: We found an issue that will prevent your app from being published in the Amazon App Store".

    So, it is a big problem indeed - what are the options for not including the Google reference in the .APK?

  3. @John I got the same warning about Google Cloud messaging. It was described as 'minor'. I clicked on the error message and it takes you to this page:
    I'm still reading through that info trying to figure out what it means - it seems they want me to change the coding in the AndroidManifest.xml file, which I'm reluctant to do without advice from @Angelo or the Pubcoder team - I would have hoped an Android app exported from Pubcoder wouldn't need manual recoding for the Amazon store?

    I haven't attempted to publish the eBook app to Amazon yet as i'm still trying to test it - I've received my testing email invitation, but when I click on the links in the email it wants me to purchase the test app, whereas the Amazon guide pages say it should be a free download.
    @John - Have you managed to do Live App Testing for your eBook app on Amazon?

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