Book is loading a second of the first page and then skipping to next.

  1. 4 months ago

    Hi there,

    As the title says. My "quick preview" seems to be working fine, but my exported ePub is skipping the first page after about a second of play.

    Any suggestions?



  2. 3 months ago

    I had the same issue. I have embedded audio in my books, so I did a reading of the title/author/illustrator/narrator names, added it as an interactive element on the main element of the cover (the image file), ticked 'Wait for completion', and that solved the issue. I imagine you could also simply add a 'wait' event, followed by a 'go to page' event. It would be ideal if you didn't have to do this and the book stayed on the cover until it is swiped, but this is a good work around. I use it deliberately to skip the inside matter (copyright, ISBN numbers & other boring but essential info) after it flashes up for 1 second, and move to the next page.

  3. Angelo S

    Dec 22 Administrator

    I believe you are speaking about Apple Books right? Apple Books has this automatic behavior since it consider the first page simply a cover page.

  4. Yes - in Apple Books. Initially I duplicated the cover, so that it was also the next page. Then I found the workaround of adding an interactive wait event (or any other event) to 'Show' on any of the cover assets - that seems to work.

  5. Angelo S

    Dec 23 Administrator

    Cute, didn't know about this.

  6. Ahh... ok, yes - testing in Apple books.. will try your suggestion :)


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