Quiz Activity

  1. 2 years ago

    Is it possible to change the line spacing of the answers in a quiz activity?
    I like to use 36px font size for the answers as my books are for early readers. But when I do this, the bottom of the 'check' and 'reset' buttons disappear. And I would like to space the lines further apart - e.g. when I use 36px font in the text on page, I set the line space to 52px.

  2. I can't help, unfortunately. I too would like to see more flexibility in the Quiz widget—even in comparison to the old widget on iBooks Author this is extremely limited. Hopefully more options will come soon!

  3. Angelo S

    14 Jan 2021 Administrator

    Hello, line-height is calculated basing on the answers icons height, to align the text to the check. So to make line height bigger, use a bigger check icon (can be customized in the inspector panel).


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