Automatically fitting large images to stage

  1. 2 months ago

    Hi there,

    When I place large images larger than the stage (for example a background image that needs to pan), the programme is automatically resizing it to fit in the stage. If I right click and select "actual size", all it does is resize the stage to 100%, leaving the actual image the same dimensions.

    Please assist, thanks in advance.


  2. Deleted 2 months ago by Brad P
  3. Hi - does nobody else have the same problem?! ... is there any Pubcoder support out there?? I just want to know how to drag a large image (larger than the stage) onto the work area without it re-sizing...

    Pubcoder support, this is just an idea - but if you guys ever expect us to afford the Shelf 3500 Euro/year fee you're going to have to help us get there...

  4. 8 weeks ago

    Angelo S

    Feb 22 Administrator

    Hello Brad,
    first of all, this is a forum and you did NOT buy a Shelf, so you can't expect the same level of support of a user who bought a Shelf, which has a direct support channel with us.

    As for the "issue", that is how PubCoder works: when you place an asset on the stage, by default it never exceeds the size of the stage, of course you can resize it to the desired size after it is on stage. This is the better behavior for most users, since probably you will use images that are way bigger of the stage in pixels size, and it would be difficult to resize a very big image later than adjusting it. This is a proper UX design choice for us.

    About the "actual size" menu, that is for the page zoom, so it is doing what it should: setting the zoom to 100%.

  5. Thanks very much, it makes sense.


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