Touch Down, Touch Up and Drag with Internet Explorer

  1. 2 months ago

    Hi there,

    We have the following interactions on some image elements:

    - Touch Down
    Play Audio File
    Bring to front
    Scale Object

    - Drag
    Drag object

    - Touch Up
    Bring back to initial layer
    Scale object

    It works well with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari but with Internet explorer it seems to fire only Touch Down. The drag and touch up interactions are not working.

    The IE version:
    svcVersion REG_SZ 11.789.19041.0

    You can try in the book with this link (Page 7). The reader can drag the food elements to their correct shadows.

  2. 8 weeks ago

    Angelo S

    Apr 28 Administrator

    Hello Humberto, we are dropping support for Internet Explorer altogether in PubCoder 4, the new HTML5 export now requires a modern browser.


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