Top and bottom taskbars obscuring content

  1. 7 months ago

    Hi. As the title says, I've created an interactive epub for iPad, but using 'Books' to read it I find that the top and bottom toolbars seem to randomly appear and disappear, obscuring the content at the top and bottom of the screen. Is there any way around this? It's quite annoying..

  2. Angelo S

    3 May 2021 Administrator

    Hello Brad,
    the UI of the reader switches when tapping any non-interactive area. You can limit this by adding more interactive areas (even simply switching "Always catch touch" in property inspector or adding a "fake" wait action). But keep in mind that the user will not be able to close the book or switch pages if you make the whole page interactive...

  3. Another option could be to disable "Tap to Open App Menu" on project settings. But then, you have to control navigation and show app menu manually using some buttons with actions.

  4. Angelo S

    4 May 2021 Administrator

    Hello Humberto,
    "Tap to Open App Menu" only works for XPUB-based exports (where we control the reader), but not for EPUB.

  5. Thanks Angelo, It seems to work also on HTML5 export.

  6. Angelo S

    5 May 2021 Administrator

    yep, the new HTML5 export in PubCoder 4 actually _is_ XPUB based ;-) leaving out only EPUB and KF8

  7. Angelo S

    5 May 2021 Administrator

    in the sense that XPUB, HTML5, iOS and Android exports all use the same XPUB payload, of course in HTML5, iOS and Android a reader is also bundled with the output, while on "pure" XPUB, the payload is left alone

  8. Thanks guys


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