Actions on groups of objects

  1. 3 years ago

    It would be great if it was possible to organise layers into groups, then run actions on groups.

    For example I often need to show and hide 3-4 objects with a single click. It would be much faster if I could simply organise these objects into a group then show and hide this single group.

    Is this possible currently?

    If not could it be a feature request? This can be done in Tumult Hype which outputs HTML5 files.


  2. Hi Van, that would be great. I usually "group" this kind of actions with an action list that I run on a trigger object.

  3. Thanks Humberto do you mean that you have a workaround? Or do you just add multiple actions to a trigger objects (that's what I'm doing)?

    For example I have a button that needs to show 3 items, so that button has 3 Tap actions to Show - one for each item, all clustered together so they happen simultaneously. I have to create many of these so would be faster if objects were in groups and I only had to create a single 'Show' action.

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