Urgent Help! App sizes

  1. 4 months ago

    I have finally created my 32 page animated children's book app and it is time to publish on both platforms, but when I apply the different rendition sizes sometimes there is white around the side or top. I only have a short time to update my app or it will be removed permanently!

    It doesn't appear there are any options available for the newer devices. What are my options?

    Is there a way to create one universal size that will fit all devices?

    thank you!

  2. Angelo S

    May 25 Administrator

    Hello Cathy, PubCoder works in fixed layout so there is not such thing as a "universal size". As for the devices list, they are simply presets, you can use whatever size you wish by entering it manually.

  3. Thank you, Angelo,

    Could you please clarify what this means - "PubCoder 4 for Mac is a Universal app supporting Apple Silicon natively, "

    How can I determine how to publish to the newest devices and review how they look? Is this possible without a Mac? Thank you!!!

  4. Angelo S

    May 27 Administrator

    Apple is switching from Intel processors to their own Apple chips. The new version of pubcoder is optimized for both.

    To build or test iOS apps you need a Mac, the tools required are not available on windows.

  5. Angelo S

    May 29 Administrator

    Here’s a useful tool to get display sizes https://www.screensizes.app/?

  6. Thank you! Is there a link for android as well?


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