Recover pub code from ePub

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi all,

    I lost the *.pubcoder files of several projects I have been working on. I mistakenly erased them form an external disk trying to solve problems the new OSX Monterey 12.3 was giving me on the first update a few weeks ago. I have used the Data Recovery Essential-DRE program to recover some files, but unable to recover the *.pubcoder files. I emailed the DRE and asked them to add the *.pubcoder format among the type of files their program is able to recover. They gave an unsatisfactory answer, saying that the pub format, which is listed in their searchable extensions, would find them. Well, I looked at the recovered pub files and the *.pubcoder files are not there.
    During my work with pubcoder I saved *.epub format of my work, and even I probably could find some *.html formats of my projects.

    Is it possible to reconstruct the *.pubcoder formats from the *.epub or *.html files?

  2. Angelo S

    21 Apr 2022 Administrator

    Hello Carlos,
    sorry but that's not possible, the pubcoder project files holds a lot more data than the exported epub files.

  3. Thank you. I am going to have to reconstruct seven projects I was about to publish.


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