google play license key

  1. 3 years ago

    Ok more confusion. So I am trying to do another export to 'android' but I got an error that about google play. So when I followed along with its asking for a google place license key, how and where do I get that?

  2. Angelo S

    9 Nov 2020 Administrator

    you can find more information about this on our PubCoder documentation and Google support

  3. Hi Angelo, the Google Play Console has changed recently (and perhaps mine isn't displaying properly),
    I don't have Development tools > Services and APIs. in my menu.
    I do have App Signing as a menu item under Settings, but I'm not sure any of the options there are the Google Play Licence Key for the app that the Pubcoder interface asks for?

  4. Hi Kathryn,

    the License Key is now in Monetization setup > Licensing.

    I had to google it to find the answer here:

    I have no idea why Google made this rather arbitrary change.
    Just to confuse us I suspect.

  5. Thanks Phil! Indeed... I would never have found it without your help! *sigh* Now to try and get the Android app tested and available. Google analytics tells me that the majority of browsers interested in my books are using android devices...


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