Suspension of Android export (fixed)

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  2. 2 years ago

    Hi Paolo and the team,
    The same for me, please.

  3. Angelo S

    13 Dec 2021 Administrator

    Hello everyone,
    I am really happy to share some really positive progress on this matter; in fact, we are sharing a new beta release of PubCoder with the ability to export Android App Bundles for Google Play Store from within PubCoder.
    Some notes on this:

    • This is a BETA release, it is not yet ready for production. Please be sure to backup your project files and work on copies of your project files to avoid data loss
    • This beta release is actually for macOS only, Windows user will need to wait some more time (hopefully a Windows beta release is only days away)
    • How to use it: just export your Android App for Google Play Store as usual, now PubCoder will export a single .aab file instead of APK and expansion file. Just upload it to Google Play Store and you should be fine
    • Please note that when you upload your first AAB to Google Play Store, it is mandatory to enroll in Google App Signing program. This has nothing to do with App Bundles itself or PubCoder, but you will need to deal with it. Here's a walkthrough YouTube video from Google . If you have issues with this, please reach us at for assistance. Please note that like all assistance regarding App publication on stores, this will have a fee.
    • You can download the new PubCoder beta release from this address:
    • Of course, please let us know if everything is working fine for you with this beta release
  4. Angelo S

    16 Dec 2021 Administrator

    Hello, a new beta release of PubCoder 4.1 is now available for download for Mac and Windows from our Updates Page

  5. Angelo S

    4 Jan 2022 Administrator

    Hello everyone, as we approach the final release of PubCoder 4.1 with support for Android App Bundles, we just uploaded a new beta release on our Updates Page

  6. Angelo S

    11 Jan 2022 Administrator

    Hello Everyone,
    PubCoder 4.1, which includes the ability to export Android App Bundles, has been released officially .
    Here's the story on our blog

  7. Nice ! thank you

  8. Great news! Thanks Paolo Angelo and the team.


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